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sally-lindsay-newMy name is Sally Lindsay and I am the Director of Clintonville Academy. It is my privilege and delight to work with children each and every day as they grow and learn at our school. I look forward to seeing their smiling faces when they walk in the door each day.

My blog is a snapshot into the world of Clintonville Academy including my thoughts on our students and alumni, tips to help parents with the ins and outs of school, and more! If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at




C.A. News for February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

Despite the cold weather and snow days, we are making great progress at Clintonville Academy! Our school days are longer than state law requires, so we have 1,041 hours in our year after the snow days are subtracted. Ohio law requires 910 hours for K through 6, and 1,001 for grades 7 through 12.

The students are having fun in physical education right now. They are bowling with their buddies. Our buddy system allows the older students to mentor young ones through many school related activities. The relationships they forge last for many years.

We are preparing to conduct the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for all students in grades kindergarten through eight. For many years, our oldest learners have scored above 12th grade in the majority of categories on the Iowa Tests.

In early March, we will take the middle school to Big Darby Creek for 3 days of Leadership Camp. The fifth grade will join us on the last day to experience camp and to get a good feel for the fun we have in middle school.

We are looking forward to our Open House where we showcase our programs, art, classrooms, teachers, and meet potential families for fall enrollment. At Clintonville Academy, we welcome tours any time, and invite students to spend a day with us. We love sharing our great school and know that many new friends will want to be part of our wonderful school family!

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Beginning a new year, a new journey…

August 29, 2013


Students were welcomed back to CA on Wednesday, August 28.

The first day of school is always so exciting!  The teachers have their rooms decorated with welcoming colors and messages with promises of the wonderful days we’ll spend together throughout the upcoming school year.  The students are eager to begin a  new journey with old friends and new ones, with the lure of enticing plans, new technology, and field trips that will help them enrich the challenging curriculum they absorb every day.

We started the first day like we do every day, with a flag ceremony in our multi-purpose room.  Once the lights were dimmed to signal silence, we sang a patriotic song and said the Pledge of Allegiance together.  New teachers were introduced to the students as they stood with their classes, dressed in their shiny new uniforms, carrying their crisp new backpacks and loaded lunch boxes.

Many parents watched us from the hallway, some of them wiping tears, but all of them smiling and confident that their children would be well cared for in our special, nurturing school.

On the first day, we made it through all of our classes and activities: core subjects including French, Spanish, art, computer, music, physical education, activity period, a fire drill, lunch period, and recesses without a hitch!  What an awesome first day at C.A.!

At pick-up time, the hall was crowded with enthusiastic parents eager to hear the results of the day. It was fun to see them making acquaintances with new moms and dads while they waited for dismissal.  With much parental anticipation, the children came out of the classes with such happy faces, and approached their parents with big smiles and stories about their new year.

One little kindergarten boy said it all, “IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER, MOMMY!”

I am looking forward to many “best days” with our incredible families!

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Highlights from Another Great Year at CA

May 28, 2013

Life at Clintonville Academy is always exciting and fun-filled! We work hard, take great trips, and serve the community with our gifts. Here are some highlights we want to share with everyone from this school year:

  • Our friends in the 8th grade had amazing scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. They averaged above 12th grade level in every category! Well over half of the 8th grade class earned merit scholarships to college preparatory programs in high schools around Columbus. 63% of all students in grades 5 through 8 qualified to take the SAT or ACT because they scored above the 95th percentile in a category on the Iowa Test. Congratulations!
  • We are so lucky to take many field trips and enjoy the community as part of our school life. This year we had a total of 38 field trips, including the sixth and seventh grade trip to Stone Lab on Lake Erie, and Spain for our 8th graders in June.
  • One big reason we accomplish so much in a school day is our good behavior. Our school-wide conduct average has been above 98% every quarter!
  • Sports play a big part in our life at CA. Our middle school soccer team finished second in the fall tournament, we had a girls’ volleyball team for the first time in many years; our boys and girls basketball teams played games all over the city and grew by leaps and bounds! Kindergarten through 8th grade teams played indoor soccer, too!
  • Music and drama are important aspects of our life at CA as well. We got rave reviews on our spring play this year! The younger students sang beautifully in our spring concert, and we all performed before our winter holiday break. The Windy City Players came to CA from Chicago to perform Beauty and the Beast in the fall. Their plays always share a great moral lesson with us!
  • Community service is a natural part of our lives. Not only did we collect more food and money than many area high schools for the Clintonville Community Resources Center at Thanksgiving, but we also hosted a holiday turkey luncheon for the senior citizens of the Clintonville – Beechwold neighborhood.
  • We had a lot of fun at our October Middle School Camp where we practiced team building for three days. We did the same thing in February at the lodge in Sharon Woods park.
  • Jim Bisennius was our guest speaker this winter; he did a great job teaching us how to take the power away from bullies.We work hard to keep our school a safe place for everyone, a place where every person can feel at home!
  • We’ve had two blood drives, Grandpersons’ Day, two book fairs, a Geography Bee, several bake sales, French and Spanish International Nights, a super sports banquet, and celebrated Good Citizens every month this year.
  • Fundraising events and our CA Annual Campaign helped us raise close to $17,000 this year! Thank you everyone who donated and help in these efforts!
  • Our school board voted to become part of the Ed Choice Program next year to enable students from failing school districts to have the privilege of our quality education at CA.We are excited to welcome new friends in the fall!

These are just a few of the awesome things we’ve done this year. On Saturday, May 18, we celebrated our 35th anniversary in conjunction with our FunFest. Many alumni visitors came to help us end another great year on a high note. We are looking forward to sending our 8th graders into high school with all of our love and best wishes after their traditional graduation ceremony on June 5.

Please join us for Field Day fun on June 6 if you are able to take an hour out of your workday…it’s a great ending to another great year at CA!


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8th Grade Students Excel on Iowa Tests

May 3, 2013

blue_ribbonCongratulations to our CA 8th graders on their impressive IOWA Test scores this year!

As a group, their grade equivalency was 13+ (freshman year of college proficiency). The scores are based on results in the follow areas:

  • vocabulary
  • total reading comprehension
  • capitalization and punctuation
  • total language usage and expression
  • math concepts
  • problem solving
  • total math, social studies, and science

Well done everyone!

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Helping Your Child with Homework Motivation

March 12, 2013

Here’s a link to some great tips on keeping kids motivated to do their homework. As parents, we want to encourage our children and be supportive as the learn the necessary skills and proactive approach to doing their homework each day.

Motivating Your Child for Homework

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